5 Smart Ways to Market Your Business

Previously, to market a business, you would have turned mainly to printed materials, direct marketing, and mainstream advertising to name a few. Today, our attention is bombarded by more than 3,000 advertising messages per day. Too many choices, a lot of competition and way too much noise. The result:  audiences rely on online content to inform and, therefore, help them choose wisely.

That’s not to say content is the only component in your marketing strategy toolbox to build a successful campaign; several other factors are also very important. But content is where it begins and there are 5 ways that can revolutionize online marketing.

5. Guest Blogging
While certainly not new, guest blogging has grown in popularity, more so since Matt Cutts officially sanctioned the guest blogging tactic. However, the Google impresario cautions that authors and owners should embrace guest blogging in moderation and adhere to the topic at hand. Consider the advantages of inviting or becoming a guest author;

  • Generates direct traffic to your site if you place links to your site content
  • Helps build creditability ultimately giving you notoriety as an expert in your industry
  • Helps expand your circle of professional contacts
  • Helps you differentiate among blogs; you’ll know what blogs really bring you lots of visitors and which actually do not

4. Social Media Marketing
Social media websites are like attending an on-going networking event, a trade show or maybe a debate. Various conversations erupting at the speed of light, businesses are broken down or praised. Either way, you have an opportunity to motivate the crowd.

There are a myriad of social media tools you could use but choosing appropriately could be the difference in your traffic patterns. Consider the traffic patterns of the top-ranked social networking sites;

  • Facebook – 800,000,000 estimated unique visitors per month
  • LinkedIn – 200,000,000 estimated unique visitors per month
  • Google+ – 150,000,000 estimated unique visitors per month
  • Pinterest – 140,500,000 estimated unique visitors per month
  • Meetup – 17,500,000 estimated unique visitors per month

YouTube Videos
You can’t argue with the numbers when they’re offering fabulous results – 60+ million unique visitors per month is one of the top reasons video marketing has a massive following. Everyone questions the reality of using video to their advantage, but there’s an audience for every niche as long as you can solve a problem. Furthermore, considering the relationship between Google and YouTube, video marketing is a no-brainer for professionals looking to boost search results

Mobile Marketing
How important is a mobile website today? This past October 2013, Matt Cutts confirmed at Pubcon that websites that were not mobile-friendly would suffer in search results. Nearly 1 billion consumers will use a mobile device to access the web, and despite the obvious marketing advantages far too many businesses still lag behind the curve. According to a consumer report, 66% say that an informative mobile website encourages them to make a purchase, hence the reason every business should have a branded mobile presence.

Marketing Automation
Placing your online marketing routine tasks on auto-pilot is pretty foreign to most business owners but the trend is quickly growing. More or less, it’s an efficient way to streamline sales and marketing tasks and target more qualified prospects.

When done correctly, it can help companies improve productivity, and increase the level of sales. Through marketing automation, professionals can eliminate irrelevant information in the sales cycle, from the first interest through the purchase action. Business owners can use targeted formulas that trigger an action at different stages of the sale, which reduces redundancy and delivers sales messages to the right target.

There are a host of tactics, strategies and bite-sized ideas that are simple to execute and suitable for any business and the quicker you begin the sooner you’ll attract potential clients.

Top 5 Reasons You should Consider SEO for Your Website

Over the last couple of years, the digital landscape has undergone quite a change. But one thing that has remained constant is the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization as a key marketing strategy. There are many reasons you should consider making your website SEO-friendly but here are the 5 best.

  1. 1.      You can enjoy an increase in traffic

A majority of the impressions and clicks are received by the top positions on the search engine result pages. So you can enjoy significant traffic increases for your website with rankings in these top positions. SEO’s main focus is creating informative keyword relevant meta descriptions and title tags, that show up in result pages. You can increase your click through rate and increase qualified web traffic by optimizing these tags and descriptions.

  1. 2.      High ROI is an eventuality

SEO friendly content attracts potential consumers to your website through high-ranking relevant keywords and phrases, thereby achieving your business goals. With effective SEO, you can ensure better ROI, lead generation and conversion that any other form of marketing. Quantifiable and trackable results are provided with SEO. SEO agencies can track almost all aspects of their strategy, like increases in traffic, rankings, and conversions.

  1. 3.      It is a cost-effective marketing strategy

SEO targets users who are actively searching for your products and services online, thereby making it one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies today. This inbound strategy allows businesses to save on cash as opposed to other outbound strategies like cold-calling which are more expensive in comparison. The leads generated by cold-calling cost 61% more than leads generated by an inbound strategy like SEO. Another reason that SEO is cost-effective is the fact that the traffic resulting from SEO tends to be more qualified than many other marketing strategy.

  1. 4.      It increases the usability of your site

SEO makes your website easier to navigate for search engines, and inadvertently, also increases the navigability for users too. The architecture of your website will be rearranged by SEO in an effort to make pages easier to find and navigate. This results in the pages being easier for search engines to crawl through to, as well as for users who are actively browsing through your website to find relevant information that they might need.

  1. 5.      It builds brand awareness

Significant impressions are known to result from top position rankings. When your website features in these top positions on the result pages, it means more exposure for your website. When you are on the first page for your targeted keywords, not only does it help users make an association with your brand and those keywords, but it also manages to instil trust and build relationships between your business and your user.

Any business on the first page of search results is automatically assumed to be more trustworthy in the minds of a consumer. With your content and pages ranking in high positions in search engines, you can increase the chances of your users seeing your content and making an association with your brand.